Katie Meznarich

Owner of Cloudy Skies Design

Hi! I’m Katie. I am so looking forward to welcoming you to the Cloudy Skies Design boutique. My goal is to make shopping here a special experience…just like the other services that are a part of this amazing Collective.

So what is this Cloudy Skies Design all about? I have loved style, accessories, and decorating…since I was a little girl! About four years ago I started making jewelry from a unique medium—designer wallpaper. With years of experience in corporate business and retail sales, I decided to make my own business out of creativity. I had a lot to learn…and am still learning—but my sustainable, different, wearable art is a joy to me and I have seen it bring joy to others.

Fast forward a few years…and I was presented with an opportunity to curate a boutique. I thought: “What a dream! Jewelry, clothes, footwear, home accents—all part of an individual’s style. Let’s do it!!”

My brand is expanding from artisan jewelry to a style boutique. I am looking forward to offering you all the details that elevate your look.

Thank you in advance for shopping the boutique before or after the service you booked at the Collective…or, just because you wanted to check it out.

See you soon!

Shop the boutique: Tuesday 1-6, Wednesday 10-5, Online 24/7. Questions, call (608) 732-5236.